Rachel Deboer Stars on Skin Wars

Skin WarsSkin Wars Rachel Deboer Hawaii, Game Show Network’s body paint reality T.V show has become very popular on Netflix as well as globally for helping shed light on the body paint phenomena.

Rachel Deboer was selected out of over 1000 candidates to be a contestant on Skin Wars Season 2 in 2015 which aired in June 2015.
Skin Wars is a highly competitive reality T.V. show in which all of the body paint contestants were competing for $100,000 and additional prizes.

In the vein of a reality T.V. show, Rachel was given limited time to prepare and paint on a wide variety of creative themes. Each contestant was judged on specific paint techniques, creative interpretation, props, accessories, as well as their teamwork abilities. Her judges included the ever popular Ru Paul of Drag Race fame, Craig Tracy, and Robin Slonina.

For Rachel it was the opportunity of a lifetime. She stayed on through the season until episode 3 as well as was asked back for the finale to group paint with one of the 3 finalists.

All pictures of individual models, some pictured front and back, in this section (below) are her own pieces of work. Any group pics of more than 2 models are a result of her pairing with another contestant(s) in order to create the final product.

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Rachel Deboer’s Skin Wars Body Paint Photo Gallery