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live event bodypainting2013body painter at events

10/26/13 • Rachel Deboer travels once more to the Hallowbaloo Arts Festival in Oahu to transform the festival participants with bodypainting.

6/13-9/13 • Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe tours the west coast of the U.S. performing from Washington to Nevada ending their tour at the amazing Symbiosis Festival in California.blacklight event painter

6/8/2013 • Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe performs a fundraising show at Iao Theater before West Coast U.S.A Tour.

Spring 2013 • Rachel is asked to create a Black light Body Art Transformation Station at the Grand Wailea.

body paint workshop2/2013 • Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe teams up with the Kit Kat Club and Cherry Blossom Cabaret to create the Hawaii Superstars of Burlesque and perform their first show together at the Iao Theater entitled Kiss Kiss.

2/2013 • Rachel Deboer teaches Bodypainting at SOURCE 2013.

ted x maui1/2013 • Next Level Theater Productions presents a visionary black light presentation entitled Hina and the Moon at the prestigious TedX Maui at the M.A.C.C.

Rachel Deboer at TEDX Maui2/14/2103 • Kiss Kiss burlesque show for Valentine’s day is featured in Maui Weekly.




AC DC singer2012

belly painting on maui mama magazine12/2012 • Rachel Deboer is asked to be hostess and sing for the AC/DC Fundraiser.

11/2012 • Epiphany Belly and Photography Art for Moms-To-Be is featured on the cover of the Maui Mama Magazine.

10/2012 • Body paint success lands Rachel and her team 5th place winnings at the Lahaina Action Town Committee Halloween Costume Contest.

5th place costume contest winner10/2012 • Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe perform at the Iao Theater for Halloween.

art mixx forest8/2012 • Rachel performs a bodypainted performance art at Art Mixx: The Forest, and is commissioned to paint for a video installation featured at Art Mixx.

8/2012 • Rachel bodypaints at Burning Man 2012.

winning face paint design7/6/2012 • Rachel places 5th in the blacklight category at the World Bodypainting Festival and 8th in Facepainting.

6/1/2012 •Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe do their biggest show (at the time) at the Iao Theater, Masquerade, along with Diva Deva Productions.

5/31/2012 • Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe is featured on the cover of Maui Time.

ultraviolets at maui fringe festival5/31/2012 • Featured in The Maui News: Glow-in-the-dark group to be part of First Friday festivities in Wailuku.enlightenment black light theater show maui

2/2012 • Next Level Theater Productions presents Enlightenment with Merkabah Fire Productions at SOURCE.

2/2012 • Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe featured on the cover of the Maui Scene for the Maui Fringe Theater Festival.



maui slam body painting11/2011 • Rachel creates Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe which begins performing all over Maui.

fabaic bodypainting by rachel deboer10/2011 • Rachel Deboer is invited to participate in the annual Hallowbaloo Arts Festival in Honolulu, HI.

5/2011 • Rachel travels again to FABAIC to teach and compete.

Spring 2011 • Maui Slam features Rachel’s grafitti bodypainting.

emcee at fabaic 20113/2011 • The Artist Behind the Brush – Read the latest article about Rachel’s body painting.

3/3-6/2011 • Rachel is the emcee at the 2011 North American Body Painting Championships in Dallas, Texas.



12/3/2010 • “Rachel Deboer Makes Hawaii Glow in the Dark” according to Rachel’s latest press clipping from

10/2010 • Rachel was commissioned to paint two fire goddesses as part of the “Taste of Chocolate” held at the Maui Four Seasons. She and her painted ladies were featured in some press.

blacklight body painting flyerrachel deboer body art on maui time7/29/2010 • Rachel presents 3-d Chroma – depth black light interactive body painting presentation at the Maui Poetry Slam.

2/17/2010 • Rachel Deboer’s body painted show, “Birth of Tiki”, makes it to the cover of the Maui Time Weekly.

2/2010 • “The Birth of Tiki” premiers at Source, a non-profit interactive arts festival.

5/26-30/2010 • Rachel teaches at Face And Body Art International Convention 2010 in Florida

2/14/2010 • Rachel competes in the 2010 North American Body Paint Competition in Las Vegas, with Body Paint Girl.

1/2010 • Rachel’s newest project involves Hawaiian Culture – check out The Birth of Tiki



body alive maui bodypaint show5/26/2009 Rachel’s bodypaint modeling is featured in the Orlando Sentinel

5/2009 • Rachel attends the Face And Body Art International Convention in Orlando, Florida.

2/20 – 2/23/2009 • Rachel Deboer produces Body Alive Maui at the annual Source Arts Festival in Maui.



uv body paint cyborg12/31/2008 • Rachel Deboer’s body painting is the highlight of a Maui New Year’s Eve fashion show. Rachel painted Body Paint Girl as a cyborg from the year 2020, where the future of fashion is body painting.

11/08/2008 • Rachel teaches body art class at the Hui No’Eau for Artstorm!

human painting10/17/2008 • Rachel’s body painting joins performance art to blend a human figure model into a Cudra Clover ( silk painting during the upcoming “Silk and Steel” gallery opening at the Maui Hands Gallery on Front St. Lahaina, Maui.

8/31/2008 • The Maui News writes about Rachel – Pigments of Her Imagination – click to read

Illusion bodypaint magazine8/15/2008 • Rachel ‘s work is featured in the summer edition of Illusion, The Magazine for Today’s Face and Body Artist.

8/2008 • Rachel won 3rd place in the semi-professional brush/sponge division of the World Body Painting Festival!

7/18-20/2008 • Rachel travels to Seeboden, Austria, to participate in the World Body Painting Festival. Rachel will compete with other artists painting around the festival theme “Science: World of Wonder” in the semi-professional brush/sponge division.

6/15/2008 • Rachel Deboer is featured and filmed by Akamai Promotions – click to view