Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe

Maui’s glow in the dark darlings

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  • Theater
  • Private parties
  • Luaus
  • Corporate events
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Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe is a unique band of female clowns that create black light magical illusions through sexy storytelling, theater, dance, live singing, aerial, and surrealistic visionary performance art. Silly is the new sexy and we create amazing fantastical black light performances with a comedic sexy flavor.




History of Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe

Since 2011, Maui Blacklight Ultraviolet Theater Troupe has been wowing audiences with their unique visionary performance art. Their appeal is through the power of the female clown and self reflective commentary on relationships, sex, and life in general. We combine the power of the tease with the glowing power of making the invisible visible. Ranging from floating puppets interacting with our silly and sexy girls to group dance numbers, the troupe creates fantastical and custom worlds for the viewer to live in and never leave.

Maui Hawaii Blacklight Troupe

We hail from Maui, Hawaii, and bring the art of blacklight ultraviolet theater to its surrealistic climax while transporting you to a new reality of sexy enlightenment. Get ready for blacklight dance, comedy, emceeing, bawdy puppetry and irreverent sexy visual imagery that will stay with you forever while laughing uncontrollably.



Blacklight Theater in Maui Hawaii:

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