cerebral chameleon art project

Find Your Inner Chameleon!

Cerebral Chameleon is a place where theater, photography, modeling, and transformation all come together in an intoxicating blend of visual imagery with a story hidden waiting to be drawn out by your imagination.

Utilizing face and body paint as well as transcendent photography, Cerebral Chameleon seeks to engage, connect, and create joint dreams between the model, artist and the viewer.

Cerebral Chameleon is the creative team of Body Painter/Actress/Director Rachel Deboer & Filmmaker/Photographer/Visual Artist David Kupferberg.

Bookings available.

Rachel Deboer  808.268.8651
David Kupferberg  315.491.6186
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Cerebral Chameleon is currently working with an idea of the Modern Maps of Hawaii.

By painting different antique maps of Hawaii on living models and photographing them, Cerebral Chameleon hopes to encapsulate and satisfy the map lovers passion through a unique canvas. Our prints will be for sale shortly on various websites and around Maui.


See some of the photos on Dave’s site for Modern Maps of Hawaii or Bodies and Faces or Adventures with Chameleons.


Cerebral Chameleon Photo Gallery